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Flipping Republican-held seats to Democratic control throughout the Golden State.


The road to stopping Trump’s agenda by taking back the US House of Representatives runs through “red” California.  Our state currently has seven Republican incumbents representing districts carried by Hillary Clinton in 2016 — some by wide margins. By replacing these Republicans with Democratic Congressmembers, we won’t just better serve the people of California, we can substantially eat into Republican’s Congressional majorities.

Red California is key to 

taking back the US house

Focus on Local Victories

We can’t take back red California, just by targeting federal races. We need to build a permanent progressive infrastructure in the “swing” areas of California, including electing a bench of talented Democrats to serve as strong voices for the future. By creating a strong crop of local candidates we can return common sense representation to the forgotten areas of our state and create good candidates ready to step up and run in federal races down the line. And often, these areas of the state are rural and financially stressed, so the local parties may not have the resources to support their local candidates. That’s where we step in.

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Which Races?

When it comes to federal races, we will focus on beating the seven Republican incumbents who represent Hillary-won seats. When selecting local races, we will identify Democrats running against Republican incumbents for local office with a viable shot of victory, and will support electing talented Democratic leaders in local offices that sit in any of those seven red districts, who could be a future member of Congress.




Our Mission

We are working to recruit strong candidates, mentor and train them, and to provide the financial resources and infrastructure they need to win.


While our goals are aggressive, our mission is narrow: we are on the front lines to replace Republican incumbents with Democrats. There are many worthwhile goals -- like winning primary campaigns in Democratic districts or helping good Democratic incumbents hold onto their offices against Republican opposition -- they aren’t our focus. Red To Blue California is about staying on offense to implement change.

Our Team

President Former Congressman Mike Honda 

Congressman Honda is a progressive champion for those without a voice. He firmly believes we must stand up for the least of us so that all of us can thrive.


Interned at the age of three during World War II because he because he looked like the enemy, he saw first hand the failure of a great democracy to stand up for what is right. Mike took that lesson to heart and later became the first generation to answer John F. Kennedy’s call to join the peace corps to give back and share the best of our values with the world. He became a teacher before being encouraged to enter public life by his friend and mentor Norm Mineta.


Mike later served as a Santa Clara County Supervisor, State Assemblymember, and as a Member of Congress from 2001 - 2016, always fighting for equity and progressive values. Mike continues the fight we work to flip seats in California from Red to Blue.

Executive Director Vince Rocha

Vince Rocha is a progressive campaign strategist, bringing more than twelve years in politics to the job. Rocha’s experience working with a number of members of California’s delegation gives him unique insight into what it takes to build grassroots movements and win.


Rocha knows what it takes help Democrats win in tough districts. During the Tea Party wave of 2010, Rocha worked on the ground in a frontline Congressional race with Rep. Jerry McNerney to help him hold onto his seat in a nationally targeted race by Republicans and their allies.


Prior to joining Red to Blue California, Rocha also worked on affordable housing policy, served as Congressman Honda’s deputy communications director, and has worked on municipal and federal elections.


In The News

Red to Blue targets California Rep. McClintock over fire prevention stances

CNN Politics

"Career politician Tom McClintock's position on fire prevention is so bad he might as well be lighting the fires himself." McClintock has voted against funds to prevent fires and defunded the US Forest Service.

Red Blue Challenges Jeff Denham's Ballot ID

San Francisco Chronicle

The group is financing the legal challenge by Jamie Trujillo, a Stanislaus County almond grower who argues that Denham isn’t a real farmer, so he can’t be allowed to call himself a “Businessman/Farmer/Representative” on the ballot.

Red to Blue California partners with Swing Left on a turnout operation to avoid a top-two shutout


Red to Blue California will announce today that it’s partnering with Swing Left on a turnout operation in CA-39, -48 and -49, the latest Democratic effort to avoid a top-two shutout in competitive California districts.

Trump visit signals growing GOP unease

Valley Voice

Nunes may have sincere reason to worry about his future. Earlier this month, Vincent Rocha, executive director of Red to Blue California–a political action committee funding Democratic candidates against weak congressional Republicans–announced the group has added Nunes and the 22nd Congressional District to its list of targets.

ADDING NUNES -- Red to Blue California


Red to Blue California, a political action committee that works against Republicans in California House races, is adding Rep. Devin Nunes to its list of targeted races.

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Press Releases

April 25, 2018

Red to Blue California Endorses First Wave of Local Candidates

February 27, 2018

Red to Blue California Adds Congressman Devin Nunes to Targeted Races

February 06, 2018

Red to Blue California Names Vince Rocha Executive Director

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If you've saved your payment information with ActBlue Express, your donation will go through immediately.

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